Nonsensicals, Helen Keller would be a shoe-in!

Some things you might want to put in your first post:
Your name: Mindslant Von Gormo
Where you're from: Texas, Justified arrogance is pride...thats what we have.
Slush Puppie or Slushee: Sluchee
Whether girlz rool or drool: Rool, especially the ones on 25th & Q for $15.
What you think Einsteinium would look like if we could see it: A metalic slag of marble...not wood like Quantum Mechanics.
Why Insafemode is the greatest writer ever: Insafemode has never let me down
What you hope to acheive by being a member: Spread creativity
Did Courtney Love kill Kurt Cobain?: Don't know, wasn't there but judging how she looks it would have been a favor for'em.
Favorite porno: Theres a one man band in West Texas called Porno Helmet. He plays progressively harder rock with progressively harder porn above him. It's really a show.
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    Andrew Bird- Neverous tic motion of the thead to the left

First Post!!!111!!!

I'm so excited to be a part of this community. I heard that the first three people get in automatically, but the rest will have to be voted in. That's like a reverse Survivor thing! LoLz.

Anyhow, my name is In, but my friends call me Safey. If you want to add me, that would be cool. It would expidite my plan to take over The Internet.